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EasyHL7 TCP/IP Services v5.3 Mailbox Router V2.0


The HermeTech EasyHL7 Message services are a set of lightweight system service applications for sending and receiving HL7 message data via TCP/IP over a network.  They have the advantage of being able to act (and be purchased and licensed) independently of each other for those scenarios where you need to create either an inbound or outbound HL7 interface.  They can also work in tandem with each other for scenarios where you need to create 2-way HL7 interfaces that both receive inbound HL7 messages (the 'EasyHL7 Listener' and the Multi-Port Listener service) and send outbound HL7 messages (the 'EasyHL7 Router' and 'EasyHL7 Mailbox Router' services).  This gives you the option of purchasing only the functionality you need to get the job done without having to pay for functionality you don't need or want, while still leaving you the ability to easily add functionality to your solution(s) at a later date without being penalized.   See the Version History for a list of past updates.



version 5.0 main configuration window


The EasyHL7 Services:


Standard Listener - Receives and Acknowledges HL7 Messages on a single IP Address/Port. Incoming messages are saved to the file system.
Multi-port Listener - All of the same great features as the standard listener but is available in 2-10 port configurations.
Standard Router - Picks up HL7 messages from the file system and sends them over TCP/IP to a single designated Port Address.
3 Destination Router - 3 Port version of the Standard Router. Also has some enhancements not covered by the Standard Router.
NEW!! - EasyHL7 Mailbox Router - Create UNLIMITED outbound TCP/IP connections for sending HL7 messages via TCP/IP.


Common Features:


The service applications also share these common features and benefits:


Compatible with all standard TCP/IP HL7 message listening and routing software.
RSM Enabled. If you install our products at remote customer sites you can now support them remotely! (click here for more info).
Compatible with IPV6 and computers with multiple network cards or TCP/IP addresses (see VPNs and Multiple IP Addresses for further info).
Run as a system service, no user logon required.
Easy configuration and set up.  You can be up and running minutes after installation.
Simulator/Testing application included.  Verify that your listener is working using the Router Simulator program.
An integrated local system monitor.  View listener and router system statistics and status from a workstation on the same LAN.
Automatic handling of standard HL7 Acknowledgement Messages.


The EasyHL7 Listener & Router




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