The HL7 Simulator 4.0

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       EasyHL7 Router Simulator v4


The HermeTech HL7 Router Simulator Version 4.0 is a powerful diagnostic tool used to do end to end communications testing with an HL7 Listener Service.  It is provided to you as freeware to use or redistribute as you see fit, however, it may not be sold, rebranded, or repackaged.  Even if you decide not to purchase our product, please regard this useful tool as our free gift to you from HermeTech International to express our appreciation for your consideration of our products.    See the Version History for a list of past updates.


Major Features:


Compatible with other commercial HL7 integration engines in addition to the HermeTech HL7 Message Listener
IPV6 and VPN compliant.  Allows for connections between computers and networks with multiple TCP/IP addresses
Run a simulation through multiple 'iterations' (up to 10000 times) to simulate high volume HL7 traffic conditions.
Supports multiple instances so you can run multiple simulations simultaneously targeting the same (or different) HL7  listener services.
Optional built in delays between message transmissions to simulate real-world conditions.
Supports HL7 message files of any size, so you can create one file with hundreds or thousands of HL7 messages to test with.
Configurable 'start of message', 'end of message', 'record separator' and 'field separator' characters to enable simulations with vendors using non-hl7 standard message layouts.


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