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The TCP/IP HL7 Routers

In order to send HL7 messages over TCP/IP you need two things. First, there must be an HL7 'Listener' application up and running on the destination computer/server. This can either be our EasyHL7 Listener or any other third party listener capable of HL7 standard TCP/IP message transfers. Second, you'll need an HL7 message router (sender) application and that's where we come in.

In the EasyHL7 product line we offer several different TCP/IP HL7 message router configurations to choose from. These lightweight, but robust MS Windows Service applications will send HL7 message data files over TCP/IP to a waiting listener and (if configured to do so) wait for a properly formatted HL7 acknowledgement message and write that acknowledgement to a file in a folder designated by you. In short, they will handle all of the TCP/IP overhead for you. All you have to do is write your HL7 messages into a file folder, turn on an EasyHL7 Router service and it's done.

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The EasyHL7 Monitor

The EasyHL7 Monitor is a free application that provides real-time status data on any EasyHL7 Listener or Router service. View on-line help.

1. The TCP/IP HL7 Message Router is our standard single-port, single-IP HL7 router which has been designed to integrate with the EasyHL7 Application Development components, but is equally compatible with just about any environment where HL7 messages are transmitted via TCP/IP from other applications. When used with one of our TCP/IP HL7 Listener products and/or the EasyHL7 Components you can easily create complete end-to-end TCP/IP HL7 solutions for yourself or your customers. It can be configured to poll a filesystem folder, pick up any HL7 messages it finds and send them via TCP/IP to a designated TCP/IP address and port number.

2. The HL7 3 Connection Multi-Destination Router. This 3 connection Router extends the core functionality of our standard router by allowing you to send HL7 messages to up to 3 different listeners simultaneously.

3. The EasyHL7 Mailbox Router. This HL7 Router service application represents a radical new direction for EasyHL7 TCP/IP sending applications. It allows you to dynamically configure and implement an UNLIMITED number of outbound HL7 TCP/IP connection threads! Available as a BASIC (for small to medium traffic levels) or PROFESSIONAL (for largescale enterprise solutions needing many, many connections) version, this product has it all. See more in the product documentation.

Features include: