The HL7 Message Services Monitor

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       EasyHL7 Message Services Monitor v4


The Hermetech HL7 Message Service Monitor is your primary local area user interface to the HL7 Listener service.  Since the Listener runs as a 'silent' service, it has no windows of it's own to provide feedback to users or network administrators.  The HL7 Service Monitor 'talks' to the HL7 Listener or HL7 Router services and displays real-time status information.  It also provides the additional benefit of being able to monitor the services from a remote workstation.  So once a service has been configured on your server you can install the monitor application on a remote workstation and use it to monitor one or more listener/router service(s) running on your server(s).    See the Version History for a list of past updates.


<NEW!!> For the ability to monitor your EasyHL7 installations from anywhere check out the Remote Services Monitor  (click here for more info).



The monitor main window (listener profile)

The monitor main window


For further information see: Using the System Monitor or Configuring the Monitor

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