EasyHL7 TCP/IP Mailbox Router

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Sending HL7 messages over TCP/IP doesn't have to be hard. We try and make it Easy. With the Mailbox Router you can dynamically send HL7 messages via TCP/IP to an unlimited number of destination listeners!  Create as many outbound connections as you like, place HL7 message files in the outbound mailboxes and GO.  Whether you need to send 100 HL7 messages per day or 1,000,000 you can do it with the EasyHL7 Mailbox Router.


See also: System Requirements


A special note for MS Windows Server 2003 or later, see the section on DEP!


Visit http://www.hermetechnz.com/easyhl7 for this and other great HL7 products.


Main features include:

Compatible with ALL HL7 standard TCP/IP 'Listener' software.
Runs as an unattended windows system service OR as a desktop application for easy monitoring!
Very easy to install, configure and run AND it's fully functional in DEMO mode with some slight restrictions (see Demo Mode Restrictions)
Create an unlimited number of outbound connections (mailboxes) to send HL7 messages to.
All file sizes are handled. Can be 1 HL7 file with 1000+ messages or 1000 files with 1 message each.
Available in two licensing modes (Basic and Professional).









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