Welcome to the HL7 Notepad

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Welcome to the HL7 Notepad.  Part of the EasyHL7 Data Widgets suite of high performance, low cost HL7 solutions, this little program cheaply and easily solves the problem of how to safely view / edit HL7 message data without resorting to a raw text editor.  Easily implemented in your organization as a simple, cost-effective HL7 message viewer and file editor.





An excellent utility to have in your HL7 toolbox.  Use it for:


1.Creating adhoc messages for testing or to create (or "anonymize") hl7 data to export to other vendors.
2.An excellent way to easily browse an HL7 message file.





Working With HL7 Files


HL7 Message Editor


Another innovative product from HermeTech International Ltd.  If it's HL7, we can help you make it look easy.