The EasyHL7 Filesystem Postmaster


Rules based distribution and filtering of HL7 messages

(c) 2007-2008 Hermetech International Ltd.

Welcome to the EasyHL7 Filesystem Postmaster VERSION 2.5.


A robust, low cost MS Windows service application which will enable you to intelligently filter and distribute HL7 messages across an unlimited number of local or network destination folders. Make sure you review the sections on Frequently Asked Questions, Troubleshooting, Using Network Folders, DEP and Product Activation!




Ease of installation, configuration and use is our aim here at HermeTech. With the Filesystem Postmaster we offer a unique HL7 message delivery product which you can install, configure and run in less than 15 minutes!.


NEW in Version 2.5


Evaluate HL7 Repeating Fields!. Click HERE
New Transformation Macros including HL7 Table Lookup. Click HERE.



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