The EasyHL7 Objects for .Net


Version 3.0.1 for the .Net Framework 4.0

(c) 2011 Hermetech International Ltd.


Version 5.0.0 of the EasyHL7 Objects for Visual Studio .Net are here! NEW HELP COMING SOON See What's New for more information.


Also available for the .Net Framework Version 3.5 click HERE and for the .Net Framework Version 2.0 click HERE.


ShowVendorReport() Method

ShowVendorReport() Method


Native compatibility with HL7 Versions 2.xx

NEW! User Interfaces for MS Windows Forms applications

Embedded ANSI HL7 definitions for HL7 Versions 2.2 through 2.6

Runtime / Deployment License Management

Internal Activation Methods with the ProductLicense object.


Requirements for Developers:

Visual Studio .Net 2008 or Greater

MS Windows XP(SP2 or >), WIndows 7, Windows 8 , Windows Vista Professional.

.Net Framework 4.0

The EasyHL7 Product / License manager (licensed users only)




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