Welcome to the Commando HL7 Workbench

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Commando is an all-purpose desktop application for working with HL7 data.  Using the Commando Workbench you can create, test, debug and even implement real HL7 solutions.  Use it as a testing tool, a way to 'prototype' large scaled HL7 solutions for 'proof of concept' or use it as your primary HL7 solution.  Commando does it all.




With the Commando Workbench you can:


View / Print HL7 messages in an easy to use and understand graphical user interface.
Work with different versions of HL7 and create your own version definitions.
Create TCP/IP 'Listeners' that will receive HL7 messages via TCP/IP and save them to a folder on your computer or network.
Create TCP/IP 'Routers' that will automatically detect HL7 message files in a folder on your computer and send them via TCP/IP to another computer.
Create custom 'Message Processors' in our built-in object oriented VBScript development environment.


See also: Installation, Registration


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