EasyHL7 Access Schema Engine

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Import/Export HL7 messages directly into a Microsoft Access database with this simple to configure and use system. Create one or more easy to follow schemas of data tables, turn it on and the rest is up to you. Create an instant data warehouse of HL7 message data that makes it extremely easy for you to move data from our schema into your own. You work the database and leave the HL7 to us!


See also: System Requirements


A special note for MS Windows Server 2003 or later, see the section on DEP!


Visit http://www.hermetechnz.com/easyhl7 for this and a comprehensive selection of other HL7 products.


Main features include:


Runs as an unattended windows system service or as a desktop application for easy monitoring.
Imported HL7 data is automatically parsed and inserted into one or more easy to navigate table schemas
Certified to work with Microsoft Access 2003 and later.
Integrated Schema Browser for easy reporting and SQL generation.
Lets you integrate the EasyHL7 database schema into your own database in minutes
Fully compatible with the EasyHL7 TCP/IP Services for receiving / transmitting HL7 messages via TCP/IP
Creates an instant 'Data Warehouse' of HL7 message data.



Importing HL7 dataExporting HL7 dataRegistering the ServiceSchema ProfilesCreating the Schema TablesBrowsing the Schema Tables






Download the latest version of the EasyHL7 Access Schema Engine:


Download the EasyHL7 Access Schema Engine