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The UltraPort HL7 Notepad

This highly robust, flexible, easy to install and use HL7 message viewer / editor has a set of features which you would normally find only in comparable products costing much, much more. Version 4.0 reflects the culmination of years of effort resulting in something unique that has never been seen before in the 'real world' of HL7, the ability to easily create human-readable documents and reports from HL7 V2.xx HL7 messages! Just look at THIS PAGE in the online help for more information.

In version 4 we have introduced HTML View. An entirely new way to look at HL7 message data and reports with complete context sensitive tooltips by hovering over any piece of message data. You can refer to the online help for more information but to get an idea you could look at an example report here (opens in a new tab): HL7 Message Manifest

The UltraPort HL7 Notepad is also available as part of a HL7+ subscription (see HL7+ Subscriptions).

Take it out for a test drive today! Click here to download and try it out.

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UltraPort HL7 Notepad

UltraPort HL7 Notepad: View / Edit HL7 Message Files

UltraPort HL7 Notepad

Version:4.0    On-line Manual
Released:18 March 2020
PriceUS$ 150.00   Buy Now
Description A multi-pupose HL7 Message viewer and true WYSIWYG editor. Works with large files containing thousands of HL7 messages. All popular versions of HL7 supported plus it's expandable and allows you to easily create your own custom HL7 versions! Check out the YouTube video below. Can your HL7 editor do this?

Create UNLIMITED Test Messages.

Creating HL7 Message Documents

Example. Open the online help for Creating HL7 Documents   HERE.

Create and Publish Documents from HL7

  • Very easy to use and implement
  • Document Templates can be exported for use in other programs
  • Create MULTIPLE output formats (HTML, PDF, etc)
  • Extract Embedded Binary Data from HL7 messages
  • Handles HL7 Embedded Text Reports and Documents

Searching For HL7 Messages

Example. Open the online help for search   HERE.

Search For HL7 Messages

  • Easy to use 'Plain English' search queries
  • Save and reuse search scripts
  • Search files or entire folders and view all matching messages
  • Search within HL7 repeating fields and segments

Importing and Export HL7 Messages

Example. Online help for import and export   HERE.

Import and Export HL7 Messages

  • Import from files or folders
  • Export to files (append or overwrite)
  • Export to folders (create separate files)
  • Export all messages or a range

Dynamically Transform HL7 Messages

Example. Online help for transforming HL7 HERE.

Dynamically Transform HL7 Messages!

Unique Feature! Replace HL7 message data with system generated 'random' data. Great for testing or stress testing an HL7 interface. Start with 1 HL7 messages and create 10,000 completely unique HL7 messages in just a few minutes!
  • Simple 'Plain English' scripting interface
  • Use 'Conditional' logic. Only replace data if it meets your criteria
  • One click macros like RandomNumber, RandomLastName, RandomMaleFirstName and many more!
  • HL7 Table Lookups
  • Handles HL7 Repeating Fields

Comprehensive HL7 Reports

Example. Online help for HTML Reports HERE.

Comprehensive HL7 Reports

NEW in version 4. We've restructured our entire reports system to create even more robust and detailed HTML reports for both HL7 message data and the HL7 standard definitions for HL7 Segments and Data Types.
  • Export to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or HTML
  • Preview any report in your Web-Browser

Example Reports (Will Open in a new tab)

Special offers & Bundles

[Save $100] When you buy 5 HL7 Notepad Licenses US$ 650.00
[Save $125] Mega-Pack 1 (HL7 Notepad + TCP/IP Listener & Router + HL7 Postmaster) US$475.00
For VM (Virtual Machine) licenses add US$75.00
[Save $150] Mega-Pack 2 (1 HL7 Notepad, + MS SQL Schema Engine, UltraPort Listener & Router & HL7 Postmaster (Developer)) US$600.00
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For VM (Virtual Machine) licenses add US$100.00
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