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UltraPort HL7 Postmaster

Finally, a true innovation in HL7 message distribution. Create visually dynamic documents and reports from your HL7 messages! Send and receive HL7 messages over the internet with you (or your client's) existing HL7 interfaces! No More VPNs! You can also use the HL7 Postmaster to filter HL7 messages, deliver identical messages to multiple recipients, transform messages, create 'anonymous' HL7 messages for testing or product examples and more! Now you can even get the HL7 Postmaster as part of a HL7+ subscription (see HL7+ Subscriptions).

Remarkably easy to set up and configure, you can have this product up and running and fully integrated into your HL7 solution in less than the amount of time it takes to read the 'Before You Begin' section of other HL7 product manuals. Try it today click here to download!

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UltraPort HL7 Postmaster

Filter and deliver HL7 messages!

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Web-Enable ANY HL7 Interface

No More VPNs! See how in the On-line Manual

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EasyHL7 Filesystem Postmaster

Functional Diagram
Question: Did you ever wish that your clients could send you HL7 messages over the internet directly to your website? Or the reverse, did you ever just wish that your client's HL7 interface could just pick up HL7 messages from your web service?

Answer: Well now you can, and they can, and it is amazingly easy to do! How? Click HERE.

Question: Do your clients send you too many HL7 messages? What about the reverse? Does your HL7 solution produce more HL7 messages than your trading partner wants? Don't have the time, resources, etc. to make adhoc changes to your solution?

Answer: Let the HL7 Postmaster filter your HL7 messages BEFORE you send/receive them. Create 'Rubbish Bins' with EASY to follow matching/filtering instructions about which messages to discard. Click here for more info.

Question: Do you need to 'split' 1 HL7 feed into many and send multiple copies of the same message to more than 1 recipient. Like 1 to the EMR and 1 to the Data Warehouse and 1 to a piece of Medical Equipment (but only if it meets certain criteria)? What about the reverse? Do you need to consolidate several inbound HL7 feeds into 1 outbound feed?

Answer: Use the HL7 Postmaster to create multiple destinations for your HL7 messages with filtering and matching criteria! Even create easy to configure message transformations to alter your HL7 messages at run-time to change control IDs, or message timestamps. Click here for more info.

Main features include:

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UltraPort HL7 Postmaster

Retail Prices and License Types

  • Developer US$100.00 *VM $125.00
  • Enterprise Developer US$200.00 *VM $225.00
  • Professional US$300.00 *VM $350.00
  • Enterprise US$600.00 *VM $650.00
  • Distributor US$2500.00**

*VM indicates a virtual machine license. All software licenses are per-computer (virtual or otherwise). Discounts apply after you have purchased 5 licenses (see the Purchases page for details).

For detailed information about which license you need see the On-line Manual.