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Commando HL7 Workbench

Everything you need to put together HL7 Messaging solutions in one desktop application. Commando was built from the ground up using EasyHL7 tools and components to provide a comprehensive and easy to use framework for testing and developing your own HL7 solutions.

New Pricing Policy: US$ 400.00 (first purchase) US$200.00 (additional licenses)

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Commando HL7 Workbench

The Commando Main Window.

The Commando HL7 Workbench was designed to provide you with the MAXIMUM amount of HL7 functionality for the lowest possible price. Check out what you can do with Commando.

Use Commando for:
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Building Test environments
  • Batch HL7 Message processing
  • Constructing complete solutions

New to HL7? This is an easy, painless way to quickly get up and running. Even experienced HL7 developers (including those who have been using our other products) will find any number of uses for Commando. Download a copy today, and take it for a spin.