Major International HL7 Organisation Sites

Title Comments Self-titled "The Home of HL7". As with most 'official' HL7 sites, the meat of the site lies within its Members areas. Dry and rather academic, the public areas seem to dwell more on organizational minutiae than the HL7 Standard. Still, there is some useful introductory stuff, but nothing that isn't available elsewhere. HL7 Membership (Individual) from this site is US$400-450.
HL7 United Kingdom The official United Kingdom HL7 site seems to be cast from the same die as the US one above. HL7 Membership (individual) from this site is £110.
HL7 Australia The Official Australian Hl7 Site. A smaller public face, more 'open' than many other sites. Provides links to HL7 Tools and Applications and a good introductory section to the HL7 standard. Well worth a visit. HL7 Membership (individual) from this site is cheap at AU$55 though you will have to pay extra to download the Standards Documentation.
HL7 Canada The Official Canadian HL7 Site. Another useful site with plenty of well-organised information. As usual HL7 Membership is required and (individual) membership costs from this site is Can$200.
HL7 Finland Given that most of this site's content is in Finnish, it ranks surprisingly high on Google. Perhaps it's because the home page contains a link to Dilbert of the Day (and now, so do we).
HL7 New Zealand Our Local HL7 organization here in New Zealand. Stephen Chu, the co-chair of the NZHUG (New Zealand HL7 User Group) is a pleasant and knowledgeable chap and is very active in the HL7 community in NZ . Individual membership is NZ$80.

Other HL7 Organization Links

Title Comments
HL7 Argentina Mostly in Spanish
HL7 Czech Republic Mostly in English.
HL7 China Chinese HL7 site.
HL7 Germany German language only
HL7 India English. Very basic site.
HL7 Ireland Good site. Plenty of tutorials, but membership is required.
HL7 Japan There seems to be an English-version, but the link may be unavailable.
HL7 Switzerland No English version
HL7 Taiwan Chinese language only
HL7 The Netherlands Only for Dutch Readers. Contains a brief English introduction.