Troubleshooting Common Problems

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Troubleshooting Common Problems

Diagnosing application problems can be a tricky issue. Remember that no matter what you can always contact HermeTech Customer Service for assistance. Visit our website for contact information at .


First what types of problems are you having:


The application won't start or freezes on startup. Verify that you don't have any issues with UAC.


I get a warning message on startup which says that the application must be able to create files in the installation folder. This is also a UAC issue.


HL7 Messages fail to load into the Notepad. Verify that your files actually contain HL7 messages. View the file in the Hex Editor and make sure that the HL7 segment delimiter is correct and matches the SOM (Segment Delimiter) character in the HL7 Version definition the default is a Carriage-Return (Hex 0D). A common mistake is when someone tries to edit an HL7 message file with a text editor which converts the standard segment delimiter (Carriage-Return) into a DOS line break (Carriage-Return + Line-Feed) which is Hex values (0D 0A).


When importing messages or searching a folder HL7 Search doesn't find any HL7 messages it just keeps tracing "HL7 Message File Detected...". You just need to be patient and don't click cancel. When searching a folder (or importing from a folder), the HL7 search feature FIRST iterates through all of the files in the folder which have the file extension you selected. This process is what is generating the "file detected" events you see in the event trace log. Once it has identified all of the files which it needs to import or search THEN it begins processing through the files it located. The process is done this way so that the HL7 search engine can insure that the files are searched in the proper ORDER (oldest to newest) so that when messages are found they are loaded into your data store in chronological order.


The program appears to "hang" when loading my message into the WYSIWYG editor. Just be patient. The WYSIWYG editor is actually the most resource intensive processes in the entire system. It is typically quite fast BUT if you are trying to view a file with hundreds of HL7 segments which actually contain very little HL7 data it can take quite a bit of time because the editor window is internally "mapping" and syntax highlighting thousands of EMPTY HL7 fields and components. A quick and easy solution to this problem is to turn off the 'Show Expanded HL7' option in the Program Settings.