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HermeTech International


HermeTech International is a division of TransWorld Scribes Ltd

HermeTech International is a division of TransWorld Scribes Ltd



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TransWorld Scribes develops healthcare software for HL7 using Microsoft's latest .Net technologies. Our solutions streamline data exchange between healthcare systems through HL7 integration. Whether you need pre-built tools like HL7 TCP/IP MLLP listeners and senders, HL7 database solutions for Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL, or custom API libraries for HL7, TransWorld Scribes can assist you.




Our HL7 products can be broken into 2 different groups. There is the UltraPort HL7 product line and the CORE HL7 product line. The UltraPort HL7 products were developed using the Microsoft .Net Framework platform and have been in constant use by customers for almost 20 years, while the CORE HL7 products are newer and have all been developed on the newest Microsoft Windows .Net platforms.


The 2 product lines mirror each other very closely with products that are similar, but not the same. For instance, our UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Listener is mirrored by our CORE HL7 TCP/IP Listener. These 2 products perform the same basic function, but each has some features that are unique. We don't recommend 1 line over the other and recommend that you explore both lines and decide which best suits your needs.



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